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Mobile Mojo

There are nearly 1B smartphone users globally, but rapid mobile adoption is still in early stage. How it will look like the more connected world? Which challenges it brings to us? What are next steps in mobile devices evolution? And which new business models are braking global market now?

/Presentation/ How mobile technology changing traditional industries: transport, medicine, energy, communication, finance and etc.?

/Presentation/ Mobile trends from the East: Japan — as a center of smart technologies and mobile innovations for smart living, smart people and smart customers

Finances: payment systems, e-money, mobile applications

What is the future of mobile banking? Does it mean death for formal bank offices? When Google will seriously compete with banks? Is it a “plug & play” environment for startups and why in Russia it’s so hard to launch a new financial service?

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Digital Health

New possibilities, which open us technology and mobile, show that one-size-fits-all medicine is not an effective way to treat more. Healthcare becomes personalized. It becomes digital. With our smart phone today we could mesure blood pressure, blood sugar lever and etc., we able to sequence whole human genomes. What’s next? What are main challenges and disruptive technologies/solutions? How will look like future mobile gadget which will care about your personal health?

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Smart Cities

How innovations in mobility change industries: transport, food, energy and etc.? Which way is possible to improve the multi-modal transit experience for millions of urban commuters? There are billions of mobile devices and petabytes of data around us and each day it’s growing, but how all this things could change traditional user behavior, communications and quality of life in smarter cities?

/Presentation/ «SMART Tokyo» and future of big data for transport industry

/Presentation/ Cities as a new platform for apps: what big data means for start-ups and business?

Mobile security: why should you care?

Why it’s important to define a security strategy for mobile? What could happen if you lose your trusted device (iOS or Android)? During this session we will show alive examples and demos with professional recommendations.

Mobile Advertising

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Why it’s important to feel your audience and follow its behavioral habits from early age? What are ROVIO’s plans on BRIC markets, and particularly in Russia? And where does tech and mobile innovations leave gaming in the future?

/Presentation/ Entertainment business: diversification as a source of new points of growth and sustainable development of the company

Travel & LBS

Due to LBS opportunities smartphone became device #1 for travellers. But to motivate them when using smartphones or tablets is not necessarily the same thing as when using a desktop or laptop. In fact last researches prove that majority mobile travel searchers want to complete the transaction within the day. What are other challenges? How mobile experience will change travel industry soon?

/Presentation/ Big data and user generated contentLBS: opportunities and challenges from the perspective of the Foursquare platform

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Bersenevskaya pereulok 3/10, str. 8

/Presentation/ Unique opportunities of mobile advertizing. Examples and comparisons with other media

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